Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gmail signature with embedded image (workaround for "Images are not displayed. Display images below")

Instructions for creating Email signature in Gmail so that the images are displaying correctly in Gmail and Outlook clients (users does not have to press "Download images" or "images are not displayed. Display images below". The images are displayed automatically).
  1. Login to Gmail/Gapps, go to Labs and Enable feature "Canned responses" and "Insert Image" button.

  2. Create the signature by uploading images using Gmail Insert image button.

  3. Save signature with the "Canned response" menu

  4. Use the "Canned Response" menu each time you want to use the signature and you are not sitting in front of your own PC.

    Following two steps describe how to automatically insert the signature when composing email / replying.

  5. Install firefox plugin Wisestamp and click "Edit Signature". Now (this is important step), select all and drag the content of the Gmail editor (the created signature) to the Wisestamp HTML-editor.

    Note! If you do not drag the content, but instead create the signature in Wisestamp it will not display correctly. The recipient will then have to click the "Download images" or "Allow images" in order to see the signature images.

  6. Now every time you use Gmail + Firefox + Wisestamp The email-signature is inserted automatically in each email you send and guess what, the recipient does not need to press "Download images" or " Display images below".
Note! this is tested on Gmail/GApps, Hotmail and Outlook 2007 in march 2010. Receipients that use some version of the Firefox addin  "Better Gmail" may see file icons instead of embedded images.
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