Sunday, May 16, 2010

How to paste screenshots to Gmail and how to use Gmail as the default email client.

Update! Google seems to have disabled the paste screenshot feature for some reason. You can still use screenshots in your Gmails by using Gadwin Printscreen (freeware). Set it so that it saves files to a desktop folder. Then drag the files into your Gmail (use the application below or the Chrome browser)

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Recently Google resolved two major issues with Gmail. It is now possible to take a screenshot and paste it directly into an email message. It is also possible to use Gmail as standard email client that pops up when a user clicks on an email link on a webpage. Follow these steps:
  1. Download this application from Google<YOUR GOOGLE APPS DOMAIN>/googlewebapps/en/googleappsstandalonesetuptagged.exe
  2. This application will install three icons on your desktop
  3. When you start the email client it will ask to be your default client. Choose Yes.
  4. When you want to paste an image or screenshot just copy it and paste as you would in Outlook or any other email application. Voila. It works.
If you are not using Goggle Apps, but only Gmail, you can achieve the same results by installing Google Chrome. Read more here.
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