Friday, January 7, 2011

The Cloud Blogging Experiment - Blogging matters

I started this blog as an experiment during 2010 and here are some thoughts.

Most posts are about Cloud Services, most Tweets are about Google Apps and most blog articles are about Google. Following tag clouds summarize the posts.

I wrote 5 blog articles during 2010 and about 50 tweets, in other words very few. The blog has about 50-100 page views daily and 60 followers on Twitter. The blog is far away from being popular, yet more people read it Daily than when I give a presentation to a group of 20 people gathering in real life, an event that requires coordination, preparation, marketing etc.

Page View stats for 2010 for
Most visitors are from the United States, UK and then other english speaking countries. Firefox and Chrome webbrowsers are both more popular than Internet Explorer. Not suprised considering the blogs target group and article content. About 80% use Windows OS. Most visitors come from Google and then from (A site where I posted a link to one of my blog posts).

The most popular article is "Sync LinkedIn, Facebook, Outlook, CRM and iPhone Connections to Google Contacts (including the Profile Photo)" and the least popular article is "What is a Cloud Service and why should You care?"

Vedran Arnautovic

  • If I have something to say and I want to say it to maximum  number of people it is well done using a Blog and Twitter. The blog subject i.e. Cloud solutions seems to work.
  • If I want to attract new business relations and meet people its better done with real life presentations, especially considering most readers are outside Sweden.
  • If I want more readers I would need to write more and shorter posts with popular subjects and solutions. It is also a  good idea to link to the posts from other websites (See Google Backtracking algorithm).

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Cloud hosting advantages

Even some CEOs of leading IT companies ware initially confused about
Cloud computing. It was mistaken to be a new buzzword for ASP, SaaS or
just web service? Well, most know today it's not. Cloud Services are
web services built upon a cloud infrastructure like Amazon CloudFront,
Microsoft Azure or Google Apps Engine. A web service optimized for and
hosted on a cloud infrastructure will perform better than a web
service hosted on a web server. It will also be more scalable and in
many cases less expensive.

1. Success with supreme Performance
Performance or speed of a website or web service is one of the most
important success factors for a web service. Performance is also the
main difference between a website hosted on a cloud infrastructure and
a website hosted on a web server. A cloud based service will perform
supreme, especially regarding a large number of simultaneous users
from different geographical locations around the world.

2. Growth with huge Scalability
Scalability is very important since a successful web service must
perform well even when it gets popular and hit by millions of users
around the world. Cloud infrastructures are flexible and adaptable
from a growing number of simultaneous users during the day or longer
period of time. Only web services built on cloud infrastructure will
be market leaders, and they will be global, in other words eventually
wiping out local competition.

3. Price and Environment friendly
Cloud providers utilize a pay as you use price model that can be less
expensive than running own servers or even using shared hosting. The
computing usage is maximized and therefore also environment friendly.
The price and environmental benefits are the main factors the US
government is promoting and switching to cloud infrastructure.

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