Thursday, April 28, 2011

Amazon AWS (EC2, S3, CloudFront)

Amazon Web ServicesAmazon AWS (EC2, S3, CloudFront) is a Market leading supplier of IaaS. You can rent Servers, Server Capacity, and Data Storage. The benefits with this solution are, among others, that it is a Quick and Cost Efficient way to acquire a Scalable Infrastructure.

Data Storage on Amazon S3 has exploded during 2010 (se graph), i.e. a great number of companies have already migrated their data to the Cloud.

Amazon S3 tillväxt

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a service family of different Cloud Services where the most important are Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and Amazon CloudFront.

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
This service allows creation, start, and maintenance of virtual servers (Windows Server, Linux etc), through one web interface. The servers can thereafter be used for many different applications, from public websites to phone switches. The name "Elastic" comes from the fact that it is easy to adjust server capacity during e.g. conjunction and traffic peaks. The cost for the service is also elastic, i.e. you only pay for the capacity that is needed, for example for the time that the servers are running and for the amount of data transferred.

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
This service concerns only data storage in the Cloud.
It can be used for several purposes:
  • Internal file storage and document sharing
  • Secure Backup and Archiving in the Cloud
  • Web server to store static web content such as HTML pages, images, videos, documents, JavaScript, and CSS
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) in combination with CloudFront with the purpose to optimize response and download time.
Once again the price models are flexible, i.e. you pay for the amount of data stored and transferred. Prices are usually perceived as low.

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
This is a service to optimize response and download times on high-traffic global systems and websites. This is achieved through replication of the data from S3, EC2 or another server, to Amazon's great network of servers that are spread out throughout the world. For the end-users this entails a quick response time and a pleasant user experience, regardless of where in the world you are. Thereby, Amazon CloudFront offers the possibility for Global Growth. Once again, there is no fixed subscription fee, rather payment only for the quantity of data transferred.

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