Friday, April 22, 2011

Reduce Costs with Google Apps

More than 33 Million companies and 30 Million users have chosen Google
Apps, and 3000 new companies join every day! The figures below are
from Forrester Researcher, and demonstrate that solutions from
Google are 10 times cheaper than competing solutions. The systems
from Google are also easier to use, and thereby generate
greater time and cost savings.

Kostnadsbesparingar med Google Apps

Google Apps consists of Packaged and Integrated Business Solutions that (1) contain over 60 Standard Systems, (2) can be expanded with additional 200 systems from Google Apps Marketplace.

Most companies start by implementing the Basic Package, and thereafter continue to add systems as their company grows or their needs increase. The basic package costs about $50 per year and user. Below is a list of Key Functions and Functional Benefits:


  • 25 GB storage space, which is about 50 times more than the Industry Average.
  • The excellent search function renders mail-sorting obsolete.
  • Very well developed support for Mobile Units such as iPhone, Android, etc.
  • Shared Calendars.
  • Possibility to invite to meeting and book meeting rooms.
  • Accessible through Web or Mobile Phones.
  • The possibility to Create and Edit Internal or External websites
    for your company, different departments, partners or customers.
  • Different Permission levels to e.g. Show or Edit Content.
  • Access to use Thousands of full-fledged Gadgets.
Document Sharing
  • Accessible from Web or Mobile Phone.
  • Easy sharing and editing of Office documents.
  • High Security with HTTPS and 2-Step Verification.
Other Benefits
  • Low Total Cost with Flexible Standard Systems.
  • The systems are accessible from all Web Browsers and Mobile Phones.
  • It is Easy to Administrate Users and Data.
  • High Security with HTTPS, Encryption, 2-Step Verification, and Patented Spam-Filter.
  • SSO (Single Sign On) = Sign in only once.
  • Continuous and Free-of-Charge System Upgrades
  • Customer Support 24x7
  • Expandable with more than 200 systems from Google Apps Market Place.
    E.g. sytems for Customer Management, Invoicing, Case Management, Accounting etc ...
wedran delivers consulting services such as Pre-Studies, Requirement Analysis, Project Management, Migration, Implementation, Customer Modifications, Integration, Education, and Support. See our Business Cases and Contact Us for a presentation and analysis of the business value for Your Company, demonstration of the systems, and Free-of-Charge consultation.
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