Friday, May 6, 2011

Press the button for Global Growth

Cloud Services enable Global Growth because the systems are built for Scalability. Those companies, big and small, that successfully manage to reposition themselves in the Cloud will become the most Competitive and thereby have the potential to become Market Leaders.

The Scalability is significantly improved through Cloud Services. As businesses grow and change, Cloud Services can be configured to fit your business need at this precise moment. Traditionally, it was necessary to assign expensive IT and Management Consultant to analyse and adjust the organization's IT-Systems as the business changed. With Cloud Services, all you have to do is to 'turn-up' the capacity, the number of users and/or the access to additional functions.

Security is also improved. The underlying systems are carefully monitored by security experts, who quickly implement security measures to all customers simultaneously. Cloud Systems also have a built-in Redundancy, which contributes to the increase in Reliability. This guarantees safety in case of power failure or server crash. Therefore, Cloud Services are especially suited to secure a Business Continuity.

Cloud Services are an Environmentally Friendly Alternative, since capacity and consumption is supplied from one location to all users, and server capacity is utilized to the max. This can be compared to using public transportation instead of driving a car.

Become inspired by the below informational video from USA's CIO, who explains how the government of USA has transitioned to Cloud Services, and the advantages that can be obtained.

Read more on the Amazon Cloud AWS in the previous post.

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